• 1944


    Korsy Helal El Chark was founded by the brothers, Zaki and Helmy Abdel Hady, starting up as a small enterprise that manufactures various wooden products with only 3 different chairs designs in Geziret Badran Shoubra, Cairo, during this time our start up production was one chair per day with the capacity of 6 workers .

  • 1954

    a new factory was built on approx. 4000 sq m. in Embaba Giza to accommodate larger number of workers and increase production with limited designs and variety.

  • 1958

    a larger expansion was made to a new factory on an approx. area of 22,000 sq. named, KORSY HELAL EL CHARK & ABLAKAG EMBABA, to produce bent wooden chairs and plywood.

  • 1964

    Korsy Helal El Chark was nationalized, taken over by the government authorities.

  • 1965

    Mr. Helmy and his brother started all over again in a small workshop of 2000 sq. producing wooden chairs with higher technologies, named MEUBLE EL CHARK in Amereya, Cairo, granted the Industrial registration number 7 in Egypt, as a turning point of the professional life of the company, the factory has pursue a new diversified approach to its production philosophy involving high technology in production and designs.

  • 1984

    Mr. Helmy & his son Mr. Aly founded the new factory in Nasr city which was the fifth factory in the history of our company to be built  (10,000 sqm production area) . This new factory was able to produce more than 400 different models of chairs, tables, sofas, to add to the company’s portfolio.

  • 1990

    MEUBLE EL CHARK created the brand CINEC, to fulfill the continuous demands of public seating requirements from cinemas, theaters, schools, universities and conference halls, offering its clients better service in the field through a wide selection of different models.

  • 2008

    MEUBLE EL CHARK launched its new brand Karassi +Karassi, design oriented brand by different international designers, proving that the evolution never stops. Karassi +Karassi seeks to refine the old traditional wooden chairs, and making them smarter, more comfortable and modern. An attempt to symbolize the cohabitation between the authenticity of the past, practicality of the present and the openness of the future.

  • 2010

    the company moved to its present day production site, enabling it to reinforce its commercial plans and expand into international markets. The success of MEUBLE EL CHARK and its acclaimed history owe much to its commitment to the growth and continuous development of its strategies in order to accommodate the needs and high standards of all times.

  • 2015

    A new factory was built in Badr City, the 6th Factory to be built in the history of our company. The first phase of the factory, around 14,000 sq up to 45,000 sq is now operating along with the existing Factory in Nasr City opening a new gate for industrial modernization and worldwide competition. The firm which has always been managed by the family, preserves however a great artisan background. This is highlighted by the possibility of resolving the most varied technical problems involved with the details of design and manufacturing, all of which enabled us to enhance the quality of our products and better serve our customers by exceeding all expectations.

  • Today

    If over 70 years of successfully operating and producing chairs is any indication, we at MEUBLE EL CHARK can confidently boast our pursuit of excellence, our ultimately long term vision. The success of MEUBLE EL CHARK and its acclaimed history of high quality productivity owe much to the commitment of leadership to the growth of and development of its strategies. If that proves anything. It assures our dedication to present the finest high quality product with the best service we can provide.
    For us, we see that chairing the wood is not just a profession but a family treasure.



Each of our chairs is built, joined and designed with high technology, refined handcraft, precision and uniqueness. our models are both: all the same in the quality of the structure and unique pieces in their aesthetics. our team members meticulously work to find the highest quality pieces of wood enduring the life of your products. from controlling the humidity levels in the wood to the small details in the finishing. it is the main productive area that your chair begin to come to life.


The responsibility in dealing with raw materials – that are extremely durable and that adapt themselves superbly to the users – is exactly what puts us in a leading position in chair manufacturing. this was and will always be our philosophy.


Our founders believed in the responsibility to create an expanded array of exceptional products for our clientele. A chair is simply a seat with a back; for us at MEUBLE EL CHARK, a chair is branch of wood revolutionized in unusual angles, multiple shapes and complex joints, that will carry out its function efficiently. This mission has pushed us towards our aim of continued customer satisfaction over the years.