In 1944, Korsy Helal El Chark was founded by the brothers, Zaki and Helmy Abdel Hady, starting up as a small enterprise that manufactures various wooden products with only 3 different chairs designs in Gezirett Badran Shobra, Cairo, During this time our start up production was one chair per day with the capacity of 6 workers .

In 1954, a new factory was built on approx. 4000 sq. in Embaba Giza.to accommodate larger number of workers and increase production with limited designs and variety.



Each of our chairs is built and joined with high technology and refined handcraft, sophistication and knowledge, percision and uniqueness. There is no longer any need for that distinction between the mass produced product and the handcrafted one. Our models are both: all the same in quality of the structure, unique pieces in their aesthetic quality. Our specifications: Painted beech wood structures, variable engineering connection technique joints (tenon and mortise, fingering, screws and dowels) with glue. Wood finish from our standard selection or customer own material. Stretch belts, sack cloth seat, arms and backrest, upholstered with polyrethane foam and polyester fiber. Fabric or leather on request. Nylong glides to underside of legs.


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